Red Clay

Consolidated School District

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Department Contact Person Phone Email
Main Office 302.552.3700
Superintendent Mervin Daugherty 302.552.3702
Deputy Superintendent/Student Support Services Hugh Broomall 302.552.3706
Assistant Superintendent/District Operations Ted Ammann 302.552.3704
Accounting Office Deborah Roberts 302.552.3727
Adult Education 302.651.2709
Alternative Education Program 302.552.3789
Americanization Program Rebecca Reed 302.552.3821
Benefits Pat Bond 302.552.3782
Choice Office Kristine Bewley 302.552.3789
Cost Recovery 302.552.3797
Curriculum and Instruction James Comegys 302.552.3756
District and School Services Ted Boyer 302.552.3751
Elementary Education Amy Grundy 302.552.3753
English Language Learners Office and Assessment Center Carolina Beck 302.552.3743
Facilities Marcin Michalski 302.892.3284
Finance Jill Floore 302.552.3725
Human Resources Christine Smith 302.552.3783
Leave of Absence Requests Michele Hartnett 302.552.3812
Maintenance 302.992.5583
Nutrition Jessica Terranova 302.992.5580
Payroll Susan Carpenter 302.552.3734
Professional Development James Comegys 302.552.3756
Communications Pati Nash 302.552.3716
Publication Center 302.683.6652
Regulated/Federal Programs Michael Simmonds 302.552.3772
Research and Evaluation Gerri Marshall 302.552.3718
Secondary Education Sam Golder 302.552.3753
Special Services Sarah Celestin 302.552.3773
Speech/Language Pathologists 302.552.3773
Technology Kristine Bewley 302.892.4721
Transportation Kelly Shahan 302.322.0251
Visiting Teachers 302.552.3798
Workers' Compensation 302.552.3812