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Meet Your School Leaders: Mrs. Thomas & Dr. Jakubowski!

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    The 2016-2017 school year is off to a wonderful start!  This year, our theme is Find Your Super Power.  Dr. Jakubowski and I have met with all grade-levels to introduce this theme by sharing the following message:

    A super power isn’t magical or impossible.

    Super powers don’t require a magic wands, utility belt, or some laboratory mishap.  Super powers are ordinary abilities that a person enjoys doing & does really, really well. 

    Each day, every member of our school says the North Star Pledge.  But, more importantly, each day, every member of our school has the opportunity to live our North Star Pledge. 

    Today is a bright new day at North Star.  I will let my star shine by showing respect, being kind to others, and being the best learner I can be.  Working together, we will reach for the stars! 

    Wow… that’s a lot of super powers!

    * a bright new day is the super power of a positive attitude

    * let my star shine is the super power of confidence

    * showing respect is a definite super power

    * being kind to others (ie: kindness) is a super power

    * being the best learner I can be is the super power of effort

    * working together shows the super power of a team

    * reaching for the stars is the super power to dream big

    Find your Super Power, North Star.  Live the North Star Pledge.  Use your Super Power to make this your most extraordinary year ever!


    Jenine Thomas