• SUMMER 2021!

    See below for information and schedules of Red Clay and McKean summer programming!

    Above all else, we wish everyone a safe and happy summer!

    Reach the McKean Front Office at (302) 992-5520 on Mondays - Thursdays 8:00am-11:30am

Summer Bus Schedules

  • McKean Summer Bus 1

    7:11am Absalom Jones

    7:18am Kirkwood Highway & Maple

    7:26am Maryland Ave & Manion PL

    7:31am Fraims (669 S Union St)

    7:37am 3rd St. @ N Harrison

    7:40am 5th St. @ N Broom

    7:42am 2nd St. @ N Broom

    7:45am Faulkland Rd & Montgomery Rd

    7:47am Watson & Atkins

    7:55am Mckean


    McKean Summer Bus 2

    7:00am N Dupont Rd & Boulevard Rd

    7:06am Scarborough Park Apts

    7:11am Read Ave and Boxwood Rd

    7:17am 3314 Old Capitol Trail

    7:23am Old Capital Trail & Lorraine

    7:26am Grafton Rd & Duncan Rd

    7:28am Duncan & Evelyn

    7:33am Limestone Rd & Arundel

    7:43am Mendenhall Mill Rd & Village Dr

    7:50am Hyde Park

    7:52am Hercules Rd & Hyde Run Drive

    7:54am Faulkland Rd & Brandywine Springs Manor

    7:55am McKennans Church Rd & Cynwood Club Apts

    7:57am Mckean

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