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  • AMP


    AMP stands for Assessment Management Platform. Districts are able to build common assessments, manage the way these assessments are used, and measure results across the district, across schools, and across classrooms.

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  • Archived Course

    Archived Course

    How to access archived Schoology courses from previous school years.

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  • Assessments


    Schoology has upgraded their assessments to add new advanced question types that are more reflective of SBAC assessments.

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  • Assignments


    Creating and Submitting Assignments in Schoology.

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  • Audio/Video Recording

    Audio/Video Recording

    In Schoology, anywhere that the teacher or the student sees the microphone icon, the user has the opportunity to record using audio/video tools.

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  • Beginning of the Year: Schoology Best Practices

    Beginning of the Year: Schoology Best Practices

    Easily start off your usage of Schoology at the beginning of the school year by following these tips.

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  • Blog


    The Schoology Blog is place where teachers can regularly post updates and blog posts for other teachers and students (based on privacy settings) to read as part of the social networking features of Schoology.

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  • Calendar


    The Schoology Calendar is an important, organizational element for your connections, courses, and groups. It keeps events and due dates organized and easily accessible.

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  • Checklist


    Teachers use this Schoology Course Checklist to help create continuity between Schoology courses for easier student and parent navigation between courses.

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  • CK-12 App in Schoology

    CK-12 App in Schoology

    Teachers can assign and grade materials from CK-12 Application inside Schoology.

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  • Completion Rules

    Completion Rules

    Student Completion Rules are requirements placed on course folders and/or course materials that enable teachers to structure the flow of their course, as well as create self-paced learning for students.

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  • Connections


    Schoology provides a great way for educators to connect with other educators, either within an organization or globally throughout Schoology.

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  • Convert Test/Quiz to Assessment

    Convert Test/Quiz to Assessment

    Schoology will be retiring Test/Quiz soon. In order to prepare, start converting your tests/quizzes to Assessments.

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  • Course and Group Profile Pictures

    Course and Group Profile Pictures

    All courses and groups have a default image as the profile picture. As a Course or Group Admin, you can leave this default image, choose from a set of available images, or upload an image to serve as the profile photo for your course or group.

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  • Course Changes for Students

    Course Changes for Students

    Students need to change courses or course sections from time to time. Grades, submitted materials, and Google Assignment App items do not automatically roll over to the new course. Teachers can transfer grades to the new course and continue to access Google Assignment App items via Google Drive.

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  • Course Dashboard

    Course Dashboard

    The Schoology Course Dashboard is a new version of the Schoology Homepage that enables users to view all of their courses as a tiled list.

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  • Course Landing Page

    Course Landing Page

    By default, teachers and students land on the course Materials page when accessing a course. The Materials page displays course folders and the Materials Index for easy access to course content. Teachers may change the default landing page to the Updates area to focus students' attention to Updates in the course.

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  • Course Materials

    Course Materials

    Using various Course Materials in Schoology.

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  • Discussions


    Information about Schoology Discussions.

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  • Elementary Experience

    Elementary Experience

    Schoology is now offering a new experience for elementary learners. The new experience enables teachers to display their courses and materials in a more simplified and visual format that is engaging and easy to use for young learners.

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  • Embeddables in Schoology

    Embeddables in Schoology

    How to Embed Various outside resources into your Schoology course or group

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  • End of the Year: Schoology Best Practices

    End of the Year: Schoology Best Practices

    Follow these Schoology End of the Year Best Practices for your courses to help you easily begin your Schoology use in the Fall. The course archive process begins on June 18.

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  • eSchool Sync from Schoology

    eSchool Sync from Schoology

    Sync your Schoology gradebook to eSchoolPlus by following these directions.

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  • Feedback in Assessments

    Feedback in Assessments

    Information on how to add immediate feedback for students' correct or incorrect answers in tests/quizzes.

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  • Files/Links


    Add files and links to your Schoology course for students to easily access.

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