Social Studies

  • Social Studies prepares young people to become informed and active citizens who accept their responsibilities, understand their rights, and participate actively in society and government.  Effective citizens must be able to research issues, form reasoned opinions, support their positions, and engage in the political process. 


    Young people are expected to learn a genuine respect for the rights of others, a concern for the common good, and a commitment to such basic democratic principles as equal rights and majority rule.   Social Studies provides skills and knowledge necessary for individuals to become competent decision makers, both in their personal lives and when making societal choices.

    The Red Clay Consolidated School District follows the Delaware Recommended Curriculum (DRC). The DRC is an ongoing curriculum, meaning that as new learning objectives are introduced, the curriculum adapts, responds, and reflects current practice and instruction. For example, social studies content-based readings have been added to comply with the changes brought about by the Common Core State Standards and the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).


    Although most of the social studies lessons and units that are implemented in Kindergarten through 12th grade are products of the DRC, textbooks are a source of reference for many of our courses. Textbooks include:

        4th/5th Grade – Social Studies Alive! America’s Past

        8th Grade – Creating America: A History of the United States

        High School Economics – Economics: Principles in Action

        High School Civics – United States Government: Principles in Practice

        High School U.S. History – United States History: Modern America

        High School World History – World History and Geography: Modern Times*

        High School Geography – Geography

           *Trial through January 2017


    Red Clay Social Studies Curriculum is aligned to the Delaware State Standards for Social Studies and the Common Core State Standards are integrated into the DRC. Standard documents are found at:


    The DRC is composed of lessons and units that have been vetted and aligned to the Delaware State Social Studies Standards. Many of the instructional lessons and units are found at:


    Additional support for the four core social studies content areas (Civics, Economics, Geography, and History):







    Ben’s Guide to Government

    Democracy Project

    Delaware Law Related Education


    Center for Economic Education

    Federal Reserve

    DE Center for Economic Education

    DE Financial Literacy Institute


    National Geographic Society

    CIA World Factbook

    Delaware Geographic Alliance

    Delaware Geological Survey


    National Archives

    Library of Congress


    Delaware Public Archives

    Delaware Historical Society

    Delaware museums



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