About Us

  • Idea of ECA students' schedules from grades 9-12: Sample ECA Schedule

     What is the Early College Academy at AIHS?

    • A Red Clay Consolidated School District program exclusively at AIHS
    • A new approach to high school, providing the opportunity for students to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and college credits
    • A program partnered with a local university
    • A head start on a successful career

    The Early College Academy:

    • Embodies a collaboration among Alexis I. du Pont High School, the Red Clay Consolidated School District, and Wilmington University
    • Targets students entering ninth and tenth grades
    • Represents a new approach to high school, with the opportunity to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and college credits
    • Jump starts the college experience for eligible high school students
    • Accesses the rigor of college in the context of a supportive environment
    • Transitions students into a university community
    • Provides access to resources and materials to assist them with their coursework
    • Affords the same opportunities to participate in sports and extra-curricular activities

    What are some main qualities an Early College Academy student should exhibit?

    • Independence
    • Reliability
    • Flexibility
    • Resilience
    • Persistence
    • Self-awareness
    • Academic drive
    • Self-management
    • Responsibility
    • Time management
    • Self-advocacy
    • Collaboration 

    Students in the ECA will still have the opportunity to:

    • Participate in sports
    • Participate in extra-curricular activities, including the band
    • Enjoy all opportunities available to the AIHS community

     How Do I Get Admitted to the Early College Academy?

    • Completely fill out the application in accordance with all posted deadline
    • We will notify those selected via email after the application deadline has passed