• Password Help

    Password Resets

    • Red Clay work passwords will expire every 120 days and users will be prompted to reset their password.   You will receive an email 14 days prior before your password expires with a link to change your password. 
    • Additionally, the district has a self-service tool that enables you to easily reset or unlock your own password if you ever have trouble:  https://helpdesk.redclay.k12.de.us/   If you not enrolled, here are directions

    Password Requirements

    Strong passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain three of the following criteria:
    Upper case letters
    Lower case letters

    The three previous three passwords cannot be used and cannot contain any part of username.

    DSC Lockouts

    If you can't log into DSC, your password may have expired.  Please try these instructions before contacting the Red Clay Help Desk:

    • Go to  http://outlook.k12.de.us and log in with your Red Clay email address and password
      NOTE:  If you have your log-in info saved, please use a different web browser where you can type your credentials in manually
    • If your password is expired, you will be prompted  to create a new password
      Create a new password and wait 15 minutes  
    • Log back in to DSC with your new password