• At Linden Hill we consider the entire instructional day to be important; therefore, we strongly discourage early dismissals. However, when you must pick-up your child early, we ask that a note be sent to school on the day of the early dismissal and be given to the classroom teacher.

    If an early dismissal is necessary we ask that you pick-up your child before 3:15 p.m. so as not to interfere with the overall dismissal of all the children. Therefore, unless it is an emergency, any parent who comes to the office seeking to transport their child home after 3:15 p.m. will be asked to wait to receive their child until the general dismissal of the entire school takes place. 

    When you come to school to pick-up your child, please report to the office. The office will notify the teacher to dismiss your child.  If a person other than the child’s parent/guardian is picking up the child please send a note including this information even if the person is an emergency contact and have that person bring proper identification. 

    If for any reason your child’s regular dismissal routine should change the parent is responsible for notifying the school in writing of such a change. If changes are not put in writing we will follow the regular dismissal procedure for your child.


    For the safety of our students
    Early dismissals are not permitted after 3:15
    All car riders must be picked up in the carline