• A Student Code of Conduct will be given to all families.  Please take time to review this with your child/ren.  It details the district’s board policies for such things as students’ rights and responsibilities, attendance, behavior expectations, etc. The District Bullying Policy is included below:

    The law requires each school district to have a policy that: Forbids Bullying, Forbids Retaliation against those who report bullying.

    The definition of Bullying: Intentional, Physical, Verbal, or Electronic towards student, school employee, or school volunteer.

    Caused by a reasonable person known to effect:


    • Reasonable fear…substantial harm…physical, emotional, or to property
    • Pervasiveness, persistence, or power differential makes hostile educational environment
    • Interfering with safe environment for student
    • Coercing others to cause above harms

    The law requires each school district to have a policy that:

    • Requires each school district to adopt a school-wide bullying prevention program
    • Requires each school to create a coordinating committee
    • Requires schools to review and supervise non-classroom areas
    • Sets forth reporting requirements and investigative procedures
    • Requires report to DE DOE all confirmed bullying incidents
    • Sets forth appropriate range of consequences for Bullying
    • Sets forth procedures for notification to student/caregiver for information on bullying activity
    • Is implement all year