• The Fourth Grade Team at Warner Elementary School is a powerhouse of a team! We collaborate daily to provide support for our students. We consider our students to be academic scholars. Like all Warner staff, we are committed to the social-emotional well-being and growth of our students. We recognize the importance of building relationships with our students, and we are proud of the rapport we build with students across Warner grade-levels.  

    The 2016-2017 is sure to be an exciting year in Grade 4! We have a variety of fun and educational events planned. We have join forces with Warner P.B.S. (Positive Behavior Support) for a variety of incentives that support positive behavior in Grade 4.

    During Black History month we will be visiting the Grand Opera House (http://www.thegrandwilmington.org/) to enjoy a play that will allow us to make connections with Social Studies content and gain real-world experience. We will be working with the Delaware Arts Alliance using the arts to support Math instruction and the understanding of how math is used in music.

    The 4th grade team consists of 7 homeroom classes and a host of other professionals that provide academic, behavioral and emotional support to our scholars.