ECA Freshmen Courses

  • FYE 101 - First Year Experience Seminar 3 credits

    Shannon Simons -

    This is an academic centered seminar that introduces students to the University. This course is designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that will promote success in higher education. Primary focus will be placed on the ability to locate and gather information and to engage in critical thinking. Each session of the seminar will address a topic or body of knowledge for the purpose of developing students as learners and active members of the University community. Topics will include (but are not limited to): time management, self-knowledge, learning, wellness, reading, writing, APA format, technology, University information, student services, campus organizations, and academic integrity polices. A common reading provides a context for academic, personal, and social investigation by students.

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     CTA 210- Computer Science 3 credits

    Jamie Varsalona -

    This course - for College of Technology students only - introduces both the theory and application of modern day computing and how market forces have influenced developments. It compares the Macintosh platform with the PC platform and looks at file preparations, file management, storage, and retrieval on both. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of the Macintosh platform in the design world so students are prepared for courses in the College of Technology, where the main tool is the Macintosh platform running applications such as desktop publishing, digital image manipulation, web page design, and video editing software. This course was formerly identified as, and is equivalent to BCS 210. Students who have completed CTA/BCS 205 or CTA/BCS 206 or CTA/BCS 226 should not register for CTA 210.

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