• Healthy Habits

    By Darcy Pinto


    Sleep: Did you know sleeping is good for you?

    You need sleep to do everything during the day.Sleeping is an important part of your physical and mental health. Sleep helps you heal or repair your heart and blood vessels.Taking naps helps too! Naps provide you with more energy for the rest of the day.Sleep gives you a less chance of developing heart problems,kidney disease, high blood-pressure, diabetes, and stroke.

      What are the benefits of sleeping?       

    Well here’s your answer: sleep makes you feel better and more relaxed. It doesn’t just make you feel better, it changes your mood and it makes your under-eye circles disappear. The less you sleep,the more your health decreases. The more sleep you get the more healthy your mind and heart get.

     Why should we sleep?

    Some scientists say that after people sleep, they start to retain information and perform better on some memory tasks.All of our body parts need sleep to restore , to grow muscle, repair tissue ,and synthesize hormones.

    I hope this information helps you to make better decisions about your sleeping habits. The more you sleep, the better benefits you reap. Get to bed early!


    “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise”

    -Benjamin Franklin


    The Shame on Showering

    By Michele Luna

    Do you start of your day with a nice shower? Some people start off with a shower in the morning for a nice relaxing non- stressful day. What you don’t realize is if you shower too much, it could cause problems for your health.

    Too much showering or bathing breaks the natural skin maintenance cycle. Disturbed skin flora translates to a damaged protective barrier, which may be harmful not just to the skin, but to the entire body. Skin flora is the bacteria or microorganisms on human skin that can helpful to preventing skin problems, such as: eczema, acne, inflammation.

    Next time your caretaker claims you should shower, you should explain that too much showering may actually wash away the wrong things.

    The Dirt On Dirt

                                         By:Kyle Stetter

    Did you know that dirt is good for you? If you get exposed to dirt, it’s ok and can actually be helpful. You See the germs and particles help your body to evolve.It helps you to fight illnesses. Germs from dirt can help your immune system by helping the nutrients move around your intestines.

    When dirt gets on you and you wash off it off, it doesn’t come off completely. It may look like it comes off but the particles stay on your body. Right now, you have dirt on and around you. You are probably sleeping, smelling,and looking at dirt constantly. Most people think dirt is bad for you and that it is messy but really it’s helpful to your body.

    Did you ever hear someone say that your house or desk is dirty? Well it’s true and you may not have known it. Like I said in the first paragraph, the particles are so small that they get on your shoes and pants and it can fall off and get anywhere and everywhere. Remember when I asked you, “did you know dirt is good for you”? The facts that I mentioned can be helpful to answering that question. Have a dirty day!


      Teacher of the week                                                  

                                   By: Darcy Pinto


    We asked Mrs.Lenoff  some questions about her life and these are the answers she provided.

    1. Question: Mrs.Lenoff, what made you start your career as a teacher?

    Answer:  I  got an inspiration from my grandmother, Naomi, who was a teacher in my native city,  Samarkand.


    1. Question: What do you love the most about 5th grade at Mote ?

    Answer: I enjoy working with older students who always have so many great ideas, and possibilities in learning.


    1. Question: Do you have any siblings, and if so what are their names?

    Answer: I have 2 siblings: my  brother named Michael and  my youngest sister Naomi.


    1. Question: Do you have any pets, and if so what are their names?

    Answer: I have 1 pet which is a dog and his name is Cody.


    1. Question: How far do you think the newspaper club will go?

    Answer: The newspaper club is going to become popular at Mote and will eventually might be published in one of the Delaware newspapers .


    Career Talk   

    By: Jeremy Johnson and Bryan Mora-Tapia


    This week we are going to be talking about nurses. A nurse's  job is to make sure that their patient is okay and is ready to see the doctor. The nurses that work in schools give kids bandages,daily medication, and most importantly, they give an abundance of love and caring.

    Nurses are very helpful to people all around the world.Some nurses give bandages and daily medication but some nurses check blood pressure and they help “nurse” us back to health. Some nurses also check your weight to see if you are in healthy ranged with height and weight. Also, if you are in the hospital they also will come in and check-on you every now and then.

    We should be thankful that nurses have their jobs because they make it easier for the doctor. They do a lot of work before the doctor comes so that it is easier for the doctor to be in-and-out and see the other patients. According to the National Association of School Nurse’s,there are  61,232-73,697 Registered Nurses are working in Elementary and Middle Schools in the United States.

    Mystery Place

    By Bridgette Haley

    You may see me as big and bold

    And, Yeah, I’m kind of old

    But I am still standing tall

    Right above all

    Yes, I am the School

    And, Yeah, I’m Cool

    Everyone, I got to go

    Well, let’s end the show!


    Our Little Kittens

             by:Mackenzie Minker and Bridgette Haley


    our little kittens have the softest fur,

    Our little kittens purr the sweetest purr,

    Our little kittens have the bluest eyes,

    Our little kittens are not very shy,

    Our little kittens have little claws,

    Our little kittens have the softest paws,

    Our little kittens end up under the tree,

    Our little kittens are napping very happily!  

    Pillow Thoughts

    By Michele Luna


    There will always be a time where you just want to be alone and wish that every problem surrounding you will just shut down. once you get that one time alone,you just think. You think about every second that you messed up or did something wrong or when you wish that people would stop comparing you to others. You think that someone else is fine just because they don’t show emotions but just when they get one bit of alone time they shut down. Everyone has feelings to let out. I suggest you find a space where you can also get your feelings out. You will never be able to stop things from happening to you but you can choose to react to them differently and more positively.


    Animal of the Week

    By: Mackenzie Minker



                   By: Mackenzie Minker


    1. Did you know that the bobcats Found throughout North America, it is our continent's most common native cat.


    1. Bobcats are Carnivores which means they like to eat meat.


    1. These mean mammals can live up to be about 15 years.


    1. Did you know that bobcats eat mice, rats, squirrels, chickens, small fawns, and wild birds?


    5.Bobcats can weigh  up to 13-30 pound, stand 21 inches high and are 30-50 inches


    1. These mean mammals can run up to of 25 to 30 mph in short bursts.


    1. These cats stand 21 inches high and are 30-50 inches long.


    1. The scientific name for these animals Lynx rufus.



    By Mackenzie Minker

    Most of us went trick or treating a while ago and I'm here to show you something you don't know about Halloween!


    Did you know that halloween is more irish than Saint patrick's day, how do we know? I'll show you, Halloween was brought to North America with some of the first Irish immigrants. Did you ever wonder what the word Halloween means? Well, Halloween can also be called Hallowe’en, this comes from 1745 from a Christian origin. Now to get to the meaning, Halloween means “Hallowed Evening” or “Holy Evening”, isn't that fascinating? You might ask where halloween started, well halloween was from Ireland, the United Kingdom and Northern France.


    People used other things than pumpkins to carve jack o'lanterns, some used potatoes and even beets

    Here's funny fact! Did you know you used to have to dance for your treat?

    Ashland Nature Center

    By Jeremy Johnson

    Today we are going to be talking about Ashland Nature Center. On Friday,  November 3 all of 5th grade went to Ashland Nature Center. The tribe we learned about was the Lenape.


    We learned many different things one of them are that in the Red Clay Creek the Lenape put rocks in the creek to capture the fish and to stand on the rocks and catch the fish with their  bare hands.They sometimes used wire to catch the fish.  We also witnessed three deer going up the hill. We also found some Fox scat, also known as, fox poop. During the winter, the Lenape use grease to rub on their chest to  keep warm. When the Lenape made shelters to use they used  Spruce and Pine trees for their roofs.

    In Delaware , the Lenape were grouped into  three clans the wolf ,turtles and the turkeys.




    If you break the clay pot that your grandma has she doesn’t get angry or violent .All she does is ask you to make another one and it’s hard because you have to also dig out all the clay .Then you have to mold it. After that you have to put it in the fire and hope that it doesn’t crack. In the Lenape tribe , if you get sick there is a plant called stinging nettle .If you were sick, grandma (who is also the leader of the tribe) would tell you to go down to the stinging nettle tree and get a few leaves  and then she would make you some  tea with the leaves  in it so that you get better.


    Focus on Math

    By Mackenzie Minker


    Mr.Steel has 27 green pens, he goes to the store and buys 19 blue pens. How many pens does he have in all?

    Kyle has 49 bulldog bucks, it takes 8 bulldog bucks to buy a book. He bought 3 books. How many bulldog bucks does he have left?

    Mackenzie has 3 rows of pokemon cards, with 9 in each row. How many pokemon cards does she have in all?

    Jeremy has 25 toy cars for christmas. Leo gives him 31 more. How many does he have altogether?

    Steven has 30 comic strips he wants to put 5  comic strips on each page. How many pages will he need?

    Darcy has 67 books and she gives 19 to her friend Matt. How many books does Darcy have now?


    what time is show on the clock?