The staff at Skyline recognizes that almost every student that attends school has a cell phone in their possession. We understand the need for students to have the opportunity to communicate with parents in the event of an emergency. However, cell phones should not interfere with the educational opportunities of others nor impact the ability of your teacher to teach their daily lessons. **Phones should not be a distraction for you, your peers or your teachers. ** Skyline also recognizes that students utilize their cell phones to access and listen to music. To access music, students use either headphones or earbuds. Students may keep their cell phones and headphones in their pockets or bookbags, but these electronic devices are not to be seen during any part of the academic day. Skyline's policy will continue to follow the Red Clay Code of Conduct with the following additions:

    1. Students are prohibited from using cell phones or headphones in ANY classroom, the gymnasium, bathrooms, hallways, or the cafeteria. This includes entering the building and dismissal.

    2. Students must TURN OFF their cell phones and remove them from sight prior to their period class.

    3. Students must ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY for their actions. If a student is asked to turn over their cell phone to any staff member, they should do so immediately. All students that turn over their phones when directed will receive their phone back at the end of the academic day by school administration. Failure to do so could result in a parent conference to have their phone returned.

    _____________________________________________________________________________________ I acknowledge and understand the Skyline’s cell phone policy, and agree to follow the expectations or receive consequences as described above. ______________________________ _____________________________ ______________ (Student Name- Print) (Student Signature) (Date)