• Basketball Fundraiser

    The Mckean H.S. Boys Basketball program has a fundraiser going on until January 17th through “fan cloth”. As the new Head Coach for the varsity program, we are looking to build a strong and contemporary foundation valuing positive culture and teaching life skills through basketball. We have begun by building the character of our student athletes and applying the meaning of inclusion. We utilize Special Olympic Unified Sports, provided by the state of Delaware to bridge the social gap and build strong relationships within our community. 

    An important goal for our coaching staff was to provide the students with new practice & game uniforms, game balls, and warmups which has increased program morale and team confidence. We are looking for our students to have a more personalized experience. In hopes of providing our students with a personalized experience we would like to provide them with items that they wouldn’t normally be able to afford like sneakers, bookbags, and sweatsuits. Any support would be appreciated, thank you again! 

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    Dear Phelan Lucky Supporter…

    2020 is year #LuckyNumber7 for the “Phelan Lucky” brand. For the past six years you have helped us create a recognizable brand for a syndrome that many doctors, let alone lay people have ever heard of. You have personally helped to put Phelan Lucky on the map and today, people recognize the logo and associate it with Phelan-McDermid Syndrome. It is because of your thoughtfulness and generosity that we have been able to reach all corners of the globe, selling in excess of 25,000 shirts and raising over $350,000. If you follow us on social media, you’ll see the photos, read the stories and see how grateful our families are for your continued support.

    This year, ‘Lucky #7’, we are hoping to go farther than ever before! The only way that we can accomplish this is with your help. Our limited edition 2020 Phelan Lucky shirts will ONLY be on sale until January 26. Visit our link www.customink.com/fundraising/pllucky7 and grab yourself some super cute attire to wear for Rare Disease Day (Feb. 29th), St. Pat’s Day (March 17th), PMS Awareness Day (Oct. 22nd) or any day you’re Phelan Lucky! BUT… don’t stop there! Share the link on your social media sites, post your photos to our pages and encourage others to jump on board the Phelan Lucky train.

    As parents of a child with PMS, I can tell you firsthand how difficult this syndrome can be. We watch in awe as he works tirelessly each day to do the things that many of us take for granted. So many of our PMS children suffer from seizures, gastrointestinal issues, regression and a lack of communication. The need for support, awareness and therapeutics is vital to easing the everyday challenges that our children face. It is our hope, that with your support, we will find ways to make life a little less daunting for some pretty deserving children and adults.

    Thank you for not only supporting our campaign but for supporting our #tinybutmighty family. The PMSF community could not be more humbled by your love, generosity and compassion.

    Now… let’s do this! Who’s Phelan Lucky in 2020?

    Phelan Lucky,
    Jen & Eric and everyone at PMSF