• Counseling Services

    If you are feeling upset or need to talk to someone about the challenges you are facing in your life, you are able to set up an appointment to meet with the school counselors and school psychologists.  They will meet with students from 8:00-8:30am, 11:00-11:45am and 3:00-3:30pm (time during class hours can be scheduled on an as needed basis). Each session will be 15 minutes, and there will be at least one school counselor and one school psychologist available every day of the week.



    Ms. Brown: www.calendly.com/msbrownaims 6th grade & 7th grade (M-Z)

    Mr. Bundy: www.calendly.com/mrbundyaims  8th grade & 7th grade (A-L)


    Dr. Burke - 8th grade & 7th grade (F-Z) and Ms. DiPasquale - 6th grade & 7th grade (A-E)




    Student Break Room

    Need to take a break, but not sure what to do? Here is a link that will give you ideas for short breaks that will help calm and focus the mind to get you ready for your next class. There is a little bit of something for everyone, whether you like to listen, create, move, play or just relax! 




    Need Help with your Class Schedule?

    Below is a link for a Word document that you can fill out with all of your class information and zoom codes so that you know: 1) where to go; 2) when to go there; and 3) what zoom codes to use! It puts all of your A/B day schedule information in ONE place! 

    Class Schedule Word Document



    Not sure what day it is? 

    Below is a link for the A/B day schedule for the rest of October.

    October A/B Day Schedule