• ELA is working on the 3rd unit in our text book, Dealing with Disaster. The specific skills we will focus on are :

    • text structure
    • informational text features
    • language usage
    • cause and effect relationships

    We will use these skills to complete the performance task at the end of unit where students will use  what they have learned about natural disasters to 1) write an informational essay about natural disasters and how to prepare; and 2) create a multimedia presentation informing others on how to prepare for natural disasters.



    Mrs. Ann-Marie Peoples


    In social studies, we are completing our Economics unit. Students learned about the three types of economic systems, economic questions asked by societies, and production and distribution of goods and services. Our next unit will be Reasons for Regions. Students will learn about three different types of regions. They will learn about how people use land, and how the choices they make result in patterns of functional regions.


    Heather Borgese

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