Vision for Inclusion

  • Thomas McKean High School 

    A place where every student is valued as unique

    Joining with other schools in Red Clay Consolidated School District, McKean High School has sought to renew and transform our learning environment to be more “inclusive.”    

    • We are aware that each student comes to us with a unique combination of abilities, interests, talents, and educational needs.  
    • We view these basic differences among teenagers to be valuable and rich resources that are brought to the learning experience of secondary school. 
    • We know that each Highlander will require very specific and individualized supports to achieve the highest level of academic preparation necessary for work, study, and life beyond high school. 
    • In our inclusive learning environment, all students will be provided with the supports they need for learning, and we believe that every student can succeed. 
    • We believe that our responsibility is to form a caring, highly qualified, and responsive team comprised of teachers, staff, families, and community members so that we can educate each Highlander with high expectations. 
    • Our teachers are actively trained to use diverse strategies that will engage every learner, providing all students with equal access to the high school curriculum.  
    • Our entire staff is committed to providing a multicultural educational experience by becoming culturally responsive and by opening new pathways for success for each of our students.

    Join us in our vision. . .  where everyone’s differences bring richness to our learning environment and to the world beyond.


McKean Inclusion Action Plan

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