Our School Leaders: Dr. Karin Jakubowski & Mrs. Tylisha Saunders


    This is Dr. Jakubowski's 8th year with us at North Star. 

    Mrs. Saunders, our Assistant Principal is starting her third year with us at North Star.

    We hope every new family that joins us feels welcome and at home.

    Please contact us if you have any questions.


    At North Star we believe in being the Best Bear!

    Be Respectful

    Be Kind

    Be Responsible

    Be the Best Learner


    Every day we say the North Star Pledge:

    I will let my star shine by showing respect, being kind to others, accepting responsibility and being the best learner I can be.



    We Are A Caring Community That Helps Children Grow


    North Star will be recognized as a school that inspires a love of learning