Speech and Language

  • Exercises for Speech and Language Therapy

    Speech and Language Services address a variety of students’ needs, including difficulties with articulation, fluency, voice and oral language skills.  If you have concerns in any of these areas, please contact Maren Albans at 234-7200 ext. 124 or maren.albans@redclay.k12.de.us.   

    Articulation:  Speech sounds develop in a hierarchy as children grow.  Typically students have difficulty with L, S, Z, TH, or R sounds.  Red Clay Consolidated School District follows guidelines when considering speech sounds in error.  

    Students should be expected to make the following sounds at:

    • 5 years old: all vowels, p,b,m,n,w,h,d,y,t,k,g,f
    • 6 years old: all 5 year old sounds plus ch, sh, j, v, L
    • 7 years old: all 6 year old sounds plus r, th, s, z, blends

    Oral Language includes difficulties with understanding (receptive) language skills and using (expressive) language skills.  

    Fluency and voice address difficulties with stuttering and vocal quality and how you are speaking.  

    If your child is already enrolled in speech-language therapy, thank you for sending in your email to facilitate communication.  Please ask your child what he/she is doing in speech and look for short homework assignments.  Daily practice in short intervals (maybe while driving in the car or at the dinner table) of speech sounds or other speech-language strategies is important to help your child make progress.  Feel free to jot down what you worked on with your child.  Anything and everything will help.

    Here are examples of what homework may look like over a month.  If you are in doubt of what your child should be working on, please contact me.

    You can also pick from the list below and as always, your child will be rewarded for completing homework.  

    Articulation Monthly Homework

    Week 1 – Bring book you are reading with a list of targeted sounds

    Week 2 – Bring a list of words you are currently studying with your sounds highlighted

    Week 3 – Write down a time this week when you were highly aware of your speech sounds.  What were you doing?  Who were you talking to?  How did you feel about your sounds?  Make a list of a few words you said with your sounds in them.

    Week 4 – Your choice: pick your favorite “homework” from weeks 1-3 and do that for week 4