Autism Support / Inclusion Pre-K - 5

  • Autism Support / Inclusion K - 5

    The RPLC Autism Support staff provides education and therapy supports for students in grades K-5 who are integrated with their peers at Richardson Park Elementary School.  In this program, each student's schedule is individualized to meet the needs outlined in his/her Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
    Our staff includes:
    Rodelyn LeBron          Kindergarten Teacher     Room 162     992-5574 x 162
    Jane Delaney             First Grade Teacher        Room 200      992-5574x200
    Jessica Dickerson       Second Grade Teacher     Room LL2    992-5574x161
    Stacey Wrinn             Third Grade Teacher         Room LL1    992-5574x160
    Melissa Rowland         Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Teacher      Room 202    992-5574 x 202
    Cari Phillips                Special Education Coordinator    996-5700
    Peggy Prygon             Behavior Analyst
    Nicole Zehnder           Behavior Analyst
    Shelly Bridge              Nurse