• Welcome to Speech-Language Therapy department!  Our therapists are:  

    Maureen Ringstrom

    Megan Murray     992-5574 x 163

    Betsy Jordan      992-5574 x 163

    Jeannie Henriques

    Marisol Berrios

    Kelly Lytle   992-5560 x 157

    Lisa Pesce

    Bethany Nieves

    Carolyn Kosko

    Christy Painter

    Heather Hagan  

    Jessica Brand      992-5574x166

    Courtney Laws




    This school year there are a total of 10 speech-language pathologists, including bilingual speech-language pathologists serving our preschool population at the RPLC and at the various outlying schools in the Red Clay Consolidated School District. If your child is receiving speech and language therapy, the amount of time, type of service, and speech/language goals will be followed as indicated on your child’s Individual Educational Plan (IEP). The focus of intervention will be based upon your child’s individual speech/language needs integrated within the school curriculum. Therapy services will be provided within the classroom setting with some students receiving pullout therapy sessions dependent upon his/her needs.


    Often, your child will receive more time working on speech/language goals than what is indicated on the IEP due to the integration of goals within the school day carried out by the classroom teacher, paraprofessional and speech/language pathologist. In addition, consultation with your child’s teacher on a regular basis helps to assure further carryover of these skills into the classroom. Your role as the parent cannot be overlooked and is critically important to your child’s speech and language growth.

    Please feel free to contact the speech-language pathologist working with your child if at any time, you have questions, concerns or have information that will be helpful to those working with your child.


    Parent conferences are a wonderful time to speak to your child’s speech-language pathologist. However since they are scheduled within a short period of time, the therapist may be unable to attend all scheduled conferences. If you would like your child’s speech-language pathologist to attend, please notify the classroom teacher and/or speech-language pathologist.