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  • ***All payroll-only related emails should be sent to the email address:

    Valerie Shinn 
    Supervisor of Payroll, Benefits & Leaves

    Julie Gonzalez
    Benefits Specialist
    Leaves of Absence & Workers' Compensation Specialist
    Renee Velazquez
    Leaves of Absence & Workers' Compensation Specialist II
    Judith Deaton-Shores
    Financial Secretary
    Last Names A-G
    Deidre Hairston
    Financial Secretary
    Last Names H-O
    Suzanne Peart
    Financial Secretary
    Last Names P-Z
    Fax  302.992.7824

About Our Department

  • The Office of Payroll, Benefits & Leaves administers the payroll for employees in pension-covered positions and hourly positions. Our department works heavily in the State of Delaware's PHRST system. All of our department staff members can assist employees with pay questions.

    The Payroll Process

    An employee's pay begins with a PHRST record created by HR. For pension-covered employees, the HR record flows to the benefits part of PHRST, then to payroll. The PHRST system has a time-restricted update mode for each bi-weekly pay. Employeees with active direct deposit accounts can view their upcoming pay the Wednesday before the payday. Each Monday and Tuesday before the payday, Red Clay's HR/BA/PR team is in view-only mode and cannot perform any data entry. During holiday weeks, mass updates of employees' salaries, and PHRST software updates our timeline is decreased. When Wednesday comes, we are ready to update in PHRST for another pay day!

Where We Are

  • District Office
    1502 Spruce Avenue
    Wilmington, Delaware 19805