About Our Department

  • The Office of Research & Evaluation strives to assist staff with interpreting and responding to data in meaningful ways. Our department works closely with various divisions of the central office as they plan, implement, monitor and assess the impact of their services to schools and students, particularly in the area of student achievement.

    Our primary areas of responsibility include:

    • Supervising school test coordinators and overseeing state testing
    • Developing and sharing state testing resources for parents and community
    • Supporting staff with data requests and data applications
    • Outlining data collection strategies to support effective cycles of inquiry
    • Assisting schools with accountability questions and data reviews
    • Interpreting survey data to inform practice
    • Reporting student outcome data
    • Providing guidance for Professional Learning Communities
    • Coordinating research and survey requests

Where We Are

  • District Office
    1502 Spruce Avenue
    Wilmington, Delaware 19805

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