Dress Code


    Alexis I duPont High School Dress Code

    AI high school dress code policy creates a sense of school community allowing students to show their Tiger Pride on the outside as well as they do on the inside.  Adherence to the dress code demonstrates a student’s agreement to be a part of our Tiger Pride community.

    The following statements outline the dress code requirements throughout the school year. Any clothing item that does not align with any of the following statements does not demonstrate adherence to the dress code policy and must be removed or replaced with the appropriate wear.

    Students may wear docker/cargo style pants, docker/cargo style shorts, and/or docker style skirts.

    -All pants, shorts and/or skirts must be cotton/cotton blend material.  (Spandex, legging, jean are examples of materials that do not meet the requirement.)

    -All shorts and skirts must be less than 4 inches above the knee.

    -All pants, shorts and/or skirts must be navy, black or tan.  These are the only acceptable colors.

    Students have 3 options in their upper wear requirements.

    -Any solid color long or short sleeve collared polo shirt may be worn.

    -Appropriate fitting long or short sleeved T-Shirt with College or A.I. logos (Promotion of AI clubs,teams, Tiger pride are perfect!)

    -Any solid color button up dress shirt may be worn

    Students have 3 options for cold weather warmth.

    -Students may wear solid color sweater,cardigan or sweater vest

    -Students may wear solid color sweatshirts with or without a zip and/or hood.  Additionally, the sweatshirt  may have an A.I. logo, college logo, Military logo, and/or Technical school logo.  Any other logo must be less than 2 inches in diameter.

    -A.I.HS team or club jacket.

    -All wear for warmth must have required upper wear underneath to permit students to cool off if they get too warm.

    Students may wear any footwear that covers the toes and has support around the heel (RCCSD Policy). 

    Every AIHS student is assigned a locker where he/she may store outer cold weather wear, hats, scarves, head coverings or other items that do not meet the above criteria.  It is recommended that students who struggle with dress code keep a set of clothing items that do meet the requirements in their locker.  This will prevent students having to ask parents/guardians to return to school during the day with appropriate school wear and, most importantly, prevent students from being out of class losing instructional time while searching for the appropriate wear.

    The following items are considered out of dress code:

    • Denim (Jean Material) Pants and Shirts
    • Bomber Jackets
    • Outside Jackets (Not in conformity with dress code document)
    • Open Toed Shoes
    • Fleeces (Not in conformity with dress code document)
    • Leggings
    • Pencil Skirts
    • Yoga Pants
    • Sweat Pants
    • Tube Top
    • Mesh Tops
    • Tank Tops
    • Short Shorts
    • Scarves
    • Hats
    • Hoods (Worn Up During School Hours)
    • Head Coverings including bandanas, du-rags, scarves