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Online Resources for Home

The below links will take you to sites that you can use to support your students at home.  If you have any questions about how to use these resouruces please feel free to contact the principal, Mrs. Huffman.


Kahn Academy

This is a free site that is used in several math classes.  You will need to sign up for an account.  Once you do you will have access to resources to support your student.  The program provides video explanations of math concepts and then gives students the opportunity to answer practice problems.  This is an excellent online resource!

Link to Math Curriculum

This link will take you to the math curriculum that students are using this year.  You will be able to see explanation of the content and practice problems that students can complete.  



No Red Ink

Students log in with their google accounts.  They are able to explore and practice with different topics.  Once a student is logged in and on their home page, they go to the top of the screen and hit "Curriculum".  This will bring the to the list of available topics.  Once they've selected a topic, they read the lesson and then begin the practice.

Read Works

You will need to set up a free account for this site.  Once you have an account you can log in and have access to reading passages with questions that cover all grade levels.  This is an easy to use resource.  

Reading Practice

Readagogo is an automated reading practice platform for students in grades 1 to 8.  Students sign-in to read shor passages of text, followed by answering a set of corresponding multiple choice questions.


You will need to sign in with a google account.  Every student has a google account so they are able to do that.  This is a great site that provides writing prompts for students on all levels.

News ELA

This site will provide reading passages and questions for students.

Kids Blog


Science & Math

Science Resource

This website has math and science interactive simulations so students can get 'hands on' practice at home.  There are MANY topics for every age level.  Students that have used this in class have really enjoyed it! 


Discovery Kids

National Geographic

Explore Science