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At A.I. Middle School, the Jobs for Delaware Graduates (JDG) instructors,  Mrs. Pipkin-Perry and Ms. Simmons,   have been super busy and very productive! Their students have been delving into their service learning projects.


  • Before the holiday break, A.I.M.S. students along, with Mrs. Chase from George Read Middle School, worked on making “get-well-soon cards”, holiday cards, holiday decorations, and paper bloom decorations - totaling 165 items. Once the items were done, Ms. Simmons took pictures and turned them into a beautiful video (which can be viewed on the A.I. Middle School website.
  • JDG instituted a  recycling program that has already made a huge impact with the staff and students. Ms. Simmons says, “We look forward to keeping recyclables out of the landfills, one piece of paper at a time!”
  • They have also been assisting Mr. Brian Burke and PBS to promote field trips and other endeavors by making posters and helping with organization.
  • They look forward to continuing their partnering with Ms. King of Communities in Schools.


Jobs for Delaware Graduates (JDG) is a public/private organization of leaders from business, education, workforce, labor union and the community with the purpose of decreasing Delaware’s unemployment and dropout rates. The mission of JDG is to “enable students to achieve academic career, personal and social success.”