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The A. I Middle School Student Ambassadors

The A. I Middle School Student Ambassadors is a leadership program designed to increase parental involvement at the middle school level, while bolstering student's leadership and communication skills. The students receive leadership training that will enable them to be role models at the various Middle Schools in the Red Clay School District.  In addition to leadership training, the students develop their writing and technology skills that will help them academically.

During the past few years, the program has included Art training with professional artist, Demetrius "Motion" Bullock. He has drawn out and fostered natural artistic gifts and talents innate to many of  the young Ambassadors. The Student Ambassadors have created clay sculptures, 3-D printings, paintings, and animations. During the summer of 2016, Connie Drummond opened her art gallery - "Artzscape" - for Mr. Bullock to do  “Painting on the Town” with the Student Ambassadors; and under his tutelage, each one created their own work to take home.

At A. I. Middle School, there are two very gifted seventh-grade young ladies who are also twins - Yasmin and Jacklyn Perdroza-Ocasio. They have been with  the Ambassadors  since the Summer Program of 2016. They are quiet in voice, but speak loudly through their art. Their work is unique and easy to identify. They are now working, alongside Mr. Bullock, on a 5'x6' mural that will hang in the district office. It's entitled Attitude of Gratitude for Education. Mr. Bullock says,  “They are exceptional artists and with such great support from their parents they are on their way to an Awesome Future!”.

The Ambassador's Program is Sponsored by Pritchett and Associates- Timothy Martin, Director.


*** The names of the students in the photo are from left to right: Yasmin Perdoza-Ocasio, Jairoop Bajwa, Amiya Kallam, Yuritz