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Biscuit the Hand Washing Dog Visits Baltz

On January 22nd, Biscuit the hand washing dog visited our 1st and 2nd graders for a fun and education program on hand washing and hand sanitizing. Biscuit has been teaching kids about proper hand hygiene since 2011 and is the mascot for Buckeye International. This is the same company that supplies our new Healthy Hands Start Here Soap Dispenser and Foam Soap. He is also the start of their interactive video titled "What's Wrong with this Picture," which provides facts about germs and focuses on how to and when students should wash their hands. The assembly wrapped up with each student giving biscuit a high five and each receiving an official "I washed my hands" Biscuit sticker.

Biscuit with Ms. Rimmer   Biscuit  Biscuit 2  Biscuit 3  Biscuit 4