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Update: (6/1/2020) Important Weekly Message for Families from Principal NeCastro

Forest Oak Update: June 1, 2020

Hi Forest Oak Families, 

Please see new updates and recurring information below. 

End of Year Schedule:

June 2 Grading Day- No school for students 

June 10 Last day for students

Pick-up Student Belongings/ Returning Library Books and Borrowed Chromebooks:

We have a plan for parents to pick-up their child’s belongings and return items (*Chromebooks/chargers, library books, school books, etc.) in one trip and without entering the building for the safety or our staff and families. There are specific dates and times below for parents to come to the school to pick-up and drop off items. All questions or special requests should be emailed directly to me (  This is a large undertaking and appreciate everyone taking the time to read this and help us execute the plan on the dates below.

The dates and times for pick-up and returning of materials are specific by alphabet by last name. If you have children with different last names, please pick one pick-up/drop off time. Please see the chart below.  

  • Monday, June 15

    • Last Names A-D   8:30-9:30

    • Last Names E-H   9:45-10:45

    • Last Names I-L   11:00-12:00

  • Tuesday, June 16

    • Last Names M-P   8:30-9:30

    • Last Names Q-T   9:45-10:45

    • Last Names U-Z   11:00-12:00

PARENT instructions prior to pick-up day 

  • Place *Chromebook and charger in a one gallon Ziploc bag with the student’s name and homeroom teacher written on the front

  • Place any library books in a one gallon Ziploc bag with the student’s name and homeroom teacher written on the front

  • Please do NOT combine items, use separate bags. Label all bags with student’s name and homeroom teacher name

PARENT instructions for student pick-up day

  • Parents will park and walk up to a pick-up table in front of the cafeteria and/or a drop off table near the main entrance. We ask that only one parent (and one student, if absolutely necessary) exit the car. 

  • Parents must follow all of the Governor’s orders (i.e. wear a mask, social distance, etc.)

  • Please be prepared to tell us your child’s name and teacher name so staff can retrieve your child’s items. The pick-up tables will be located in front of the cafeteria doors and windows.

  • Drop off tables will be located near the main entrance. Please see directions above for dropping off items in large Ziploc bags labeled with your child’s name and teacher name. 

*Chromebook/charger return: Several families picked-up a borrowed Chromebook/charger in April from school. These are the families that must return the Chromebook/charger on the assigned date/time that is listed above. Mr. Rifenburg will be sending follow-up emails to those who have a borrowed Chromebook/charger and must return it on June 15 or June 16. 

Ms. Ascione has sent out overdue library book notices. If you have library books at home, please return those books on June 15 or 16 at your scheduled time listed above. If the library books were left in school, the classroom teacher will return the books to the library. Some of these notices also list Chromebooks because the school Chromebooks are “checked out” to students. Those with the borrowed Chromebooks at home physically came to the school to pick one up back in April. If you did not do this, your child does not have a Chromebook at home. 

Thank you for your patience and support. 

 Virtual Spirit Week Schedule (June 1-5): 

Monday, 6/1 - National Go Barefoot Day! Whether you’re hanging out at home or outside taking a walk, go barefoot….but watch your step!

Tuesday, 6/2 - National Rocky Road Day!  Show us how you enjoy the Rocky Road yumminess of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts (or nut free), by eating a candy bar, ice cream, cake, or other tasty treat! 

Wednesday, 6/3 - National Running Day! Go out and get some exercise today!

Thursday, 6/4 - National Cheese Day!  Show us your love for cheese by eating your favorite kind of cheese or being brave and trying a new cheese you have never even heard of!!

Friday, 6/5 - National Donut Day! Can’t go out to pick up your favorite donut? Draw a picture instead!

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If you have any questions, please reach out to your child’s teacher. 

Erin NeCastro