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Spirit Days for May 11th through June 5th

Week of 5/11 - 5/15:


Monday, 5/11 - National Eat What You Want Day! Show us a picture of you making and enjoying your favorite food!


Tuesday, 5/12 - Dress to Impress Day! Get dressed up and snap a pic! When you look good, you feel good!


Wednesday, 5/13 - What ya readin’ Wednesday? Show us your coziest reading spot! 


Thursday, 5/14 - Just Dance day! Show us your best dance moves!


Friday, 5/15 - Pajama Day!  Show us how you snuggle up in your coziest PJ’s!

Week of 5/18 - 5/22:


Monday, 5/18 - No Dirty Dishes Day!  Show us how you can use earth-friendly paper products to eat a meal today! 


Tuesday, 5/19 - Clash Day! Create an outfit that you would wear that has a wide variety of patterns! Don’t forget to add accessories here! Take a photo and share it! 


Wednesday, 5/20 - National Dog Rescue Day! Draw your pet at home or make a drawing of an animal that you would love to have as a pet!


Thursday, 5/21 - Forest Oak spirit day!  Wear FO spirit wear or red, white, and black!


Friday, 5/22 - National Buy a Musical Instrument Day! Why buy an instrument when you can MAKE one! Do some research, make an instrument, and send us a pic!


Week of 6/1 - 6/5:


Monday, 6/1 - National Go Barefoot Day! Whether you’re hanging out at home or outside taking a walk, go barefoot….but watch your step!


Tuesday, 6/2 - National Rocky Road Day!  Show us how you enjoy the Rocky Road yumminess of chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts (or nut free), by eating a candy bar, icecream, cake, or other tasty treat! 


Wednesday, 6/3 - National Running Day! Go out and get some exercise today!


Thursday, 6/4 - National Cheese Day!  Show us your love for cheese by eating your favorite kind of cheese or being brave and trying a new cheese you have never even heard of!!


Friday, 6/5 - National Donut Day! Can’t go out to pick up your favorite donut? Draw a picture instead!