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H.B. du Pont is #Ambitious

H.B. du Pont is #Ambitious

By Dan Bruno


At H.B. duPont Middle School, they are ambitious every day to do their best. That is the theme for the year, and they, almost literally, wear it on their sleeve.


For the past five years, the H.B. community has chosen to center each school year around a specific theme in response to a tragic moment in the life of this school. That first theme was Warrior Strong. Students, faculty, staff, and administration challenged each other daily to live up to this philosophy, even going so far as providing everyone in the building with a T-shirt proudly declaring the theme.


Since that first year, the H.B. community has been Inspired, has sought to Dream Big, has been Determined to succeed, and is now Ambitious to be the change they want to see in the world..


On December 9th, 2019, all students, faculty, staff, and administrators were given t-shirts that declared the community’s desire to be Determined. On Friday the 10th, every person at the school could be seen sporting the blue t-shirts, encouraging and reminding each other to work toward the future with determination and grit. Bringing every member of the school community together under a single purpose reinforces Principal Jason Bastianelli’s commitment to “fostering a family environment.” According to Mr. Bastianelli, the shirts and the day dedicated to the theme promote “pride in the school” and remind each student to “be Warrior Strong.”


“Everyone having the same shirt makes it feel like a family. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is just cool to match and stand together on this day,” said one eighth grader at H.B. duPont.


The shirt help to remind each student that:

We are ambitious to show kindness.

We are ambitious to heal the world.

We are ambitious to change the world.

We are ambitious to rise above limitations.

We are ambitious to be the change we want to see in the world.

We are ambitious to follow our dream by any means necessary.

We are ambitious to love not judge.

We are Warrior Strong


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