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PBIS at H.B.

This year at H.B., a new method of incentivizing students to make positive behavioral choices has students working to earn points and rewards. PBIS is a web-based platform that, much like the point system in the Harry Potter series, rewards behavioral achievements with a set of points.

This platform is flexible and easily accessible. Teachers can easily bring up their screen by group or individual student. Once selected, the group or student can receive a point for any of the behaviors on the A.R.E. matrix (pictured below). Last year, prizes and events were awarded based on warrior strong cards. This year, it is as easy as scanning the students QR code off of the front of his or her agenda. Administrators can even give students points on a walkthrough, opening up the rewards to any member of staff throughout the building.

The students can earn up to three points at a time for being accepting, responsible, and/or engaged. The total number of student points is their balance. Just like a bank account, students can cash in these points for a variety of prizes and experiences. Teachers can set up classroom stores where students can spend points on materials they forgot to bring to class or a reward day. Students can also use these points to enter raffles and attend special events, like one of our Food Truck Days.

This program comes to us from Skyline Middle School where the staff saw a change in student behavior. Hopefully we will see this system motivate our students to become the most accepting, responsible, and engaged warriors that they can be.