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2019-2020 State PTA Reflections Winners from H.B.

From the Delaware PTA Website:

Delaware PTA is excited to announce the 2019-20 Reflections Winners and Honorees.

This year’s art theme was ‘‘Look Within’.  The winner in each category will be competing at the National PTA level.   National PTA winners will be announced on May 1, 2019.  You may see the complete list at in the “Gallery and Awards” section on that date. 

Winners and honorable mention participants will be recognized at an awards ceremony at the Delaware PTA Convention on Saturday, May 2nd at Delcastle Technical High School (1417 Newport Rd, Wilmington, DE 19804).


2019-2020 Delaware Reflections Results
Dance Choreography:
   Intermediate: Stephanie Leach – Heritage ES (Winner) ‘Look Within Your Beauty’
   Amirrah Thomas – Wilson ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Beautiful’
   Audrey Kelso – Maclary ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Prom Alone’
   Middle School: Alicia Chu – HB DuPont MS (Winner) ‘The Voice Within’
Film Production:
   Intermediate: Boris Hristov – Cooke ES (Winner) ‘Monkey Business’
   Nicole Tran - Cooke ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Look Within Every Creature’
   Tanner Ehemann – Maclary ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Give Me a Shot’
   Abigail Hughes – Heritage ES (Winner) ‘Look Within Your Passion’
   Sophie Rohrbach - Lancashire ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Autumn and Jack’
   Emma Jenkins – Heritage ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Look Within Your Heart’
   Ian Robson – Maclary ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Look Within’
   Lillian Murray – Cooke ES (Winner) ‘The Bus’
   Boris Hristov – Cooke ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Looking From The Inside Out’
   Leah Casini - Wilson ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Look Within Others’
Middle School:
   Alicia Chu – HB DuPont MS (Winner) ‘Looking Within’
   Cynthia Zhang – HB DuPont MS (Honorable Mention) ‘Looking Within’
High School:
   Madeline Morris – Newark HS (Winner) ‘Our Ugly Blessings’

Music Composition:
   Cameron Willis – Cooke ES (Winner) ‘Find Your True Self’
   Aiden Ritchie – Wilson ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Garage Band’
High School:
   Ricardo Luna – Newark HS (Winner) ‘Flurry Rush’
   Emma Burkhart – Lancashire ES (Winner) ‘Nuttin for Dinner’
   Jocelyn Tolmie – Maclary ES (Winner) ‘Light is With You’
   Boris Hristov – Cooke ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Point Blue’
   Chris Liu – Cooke ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Up Close – Sweater Fabric’
Visual Arts
   Sophia Gandarilla – Heritage ES (Winner) ‘Look Within to See How You Can Help the Earth’
   Kenneth William Corbitt Jr. – Wilson ES (Honorable Mention) ‘The Eye’
   Macie Thomas – Heritage ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Look Within Your Passion for Dancing’
   Isabella Garcia – Heritage ES (Winner) ‘Look Within Yourself to Help Earth’
   Aislinn Miley – Lancashire ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Tripy Dripy Soul
   Hailey Barry – Heritage ES (Honorable Mention) ‘Look Within Your Imagination’
Middle School:
   Alekhya Veeramachineni - HB DuPont (Winner) ‘Tigress’
   Ava Drahusz - HB DuPont MS (Honorable Mention) ‘Following Me’
High School:
   Zoe Acord - Newark HS (Winner) ‘In The Dark’
   Lashawn Reed – Newark HS (Honorable Mention) ‘The Animal Within’
   Jonathan Gonzalez – Newark HS (Honorable Mention) ‘One Step at a Time’