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H.B. du Pont Middle School is the 2019–2020 Vocabulary Bowl Delaware Champion

It’s official! Henry B DuPont Middle School is the 2019–2020 Vocabulary Bowl Delaware Champion.

1.6 million students from 47,000 schools across North America participated in the Bowl this year and mastered more than 41.5 million words.

Between October 1st and April 30th, the Warriors mastered a total of 39,307 words. Thank you for being a part of making the 2019–2020 season the largest and most competitive Vocabulary Bowl to date!

Henry B DuPont Middle School also achieved these rankings this year:

– 59th in Division II — 500–999 students
– 73rd in the Middle and Elementary School Division


Special thanks go to these top performing students in Mr. Bosler's  abd Mr. Bruno's classes:

Student              Words Mastered

Mira Mistry              2,556
Kayden Tran            2,249
Kevin Short             854
Sahan Shinoj           851
Denzel Zhao            743
Bryce Chen              632
Hayden Sherlock     583
Kaityln Dunfee        562
Camryn Brost          554
Dane McCord           543
Taryn Kim                510
Amber Harris           496
Troy Hernandez       491
Calista Rakhit          481
Madison Ayers         476
Peyton Fisher          472
Valentina Correa-Sanchez - 446

Carter Johnson         444
Rameen Abid            441

This is the third time H.B. has won the Vocabulary Bowl Delaware Championship!