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Heritage Winners of the PTA Reflections Contest

The statewide “Reflections Contest”, sponsored by the Heritage PTA, allows students to display their talents and creativity. We had many amazing entries in our contest "Heroes Around Me". Congratulations to the following students who demonstrated their abilities and creativity through the categories of Dance, Literature, Photography and Visual Arts. The Judges were quite complimentary of the outstanding abilities of Heritage students.

Primary (K-2 ) Visual Arts Winners

John Glennon – kindergarten (My Doctor and Me)

Peyton Riedford – grade 1 (My Dad in the Army is My Hero)

Alary Kelso – grade 2 (Fireman Saves the Girl)

Tess Harrar – grade 2 (My Aunt and Uncle in the Air Force are My Heroes)

Zuzanna Klotzbach – grade 2 (Heroes Around Me)


Primary (K-2) Literature Winners

Anushka Purohit – grade 2 (My Teachers: My Heroes)

Anushka Purohit – grade 2 (Heroes Around Me)

Shannon Last – grade 2 (Heroes Around Me)

Zuzanna Klotzbach – grade 2 (Heroes Around Me!)

Olivia Desiderio – grade 2 (Heroes Around Me)


Intermediate (3-5) Visual Arts Winners

Jada Franklin – grade 3 (Be Your Own Hero)

Hailey Barry – grade 4 (People Who Foster Children are Heroes)

Sam Gutzmirtl – grade 4 (Rescuers are Heroes Around Me)

Cameron McIlvain – grade 5 (My Heroes)

Madison Butts – grade 5 (Heroes Around Me)


Intermediate (3-5) Literature Winners

Ava Reamer – grade 4 (Underrated Heroes)

Seamus Zielinzki – grade 4 – (First Responders are Heroes Around Me)

Stephanie Leach – grade 4 (Junior Heroes)

Cameron McIlvain – grade 5 (My Mom Is My Greatest Hero)

Eric Kanse – grade 5 (Unsung Heroes)


Intermediate Dance

Stephanie Leach – grade 4 (dance)

Cameron McIlvain – grade 5 (dance)

Carsyn Godwin – grade 5 (dance)

Intermediate Photography

Caden Conner – grade 4 (photography)