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Kalmar Nyckel Visits 5th Grade

“Swab the deck, load the canons, shiver me timbers”, – these thoughts were all on the minds of our Heritage’s 5th grade students as they engaged in the building of the Kalmar Nyckel.  Volunteers visited all 5th grade classes and organized student groups.  Students were given the framework of the famous ship, and also give a grid to follow so they knew exactly what they needed to pack.  “Where do you think the canons would be best placed?, “Don’t forget cabbage…cabbage was the vegetable that prevented scurvy”, “Guess what?, women and children don’t get to go over on the 1st trip if the ship is too full.”  These were just some of the challenging dilemma’s teams had to work on in order to pack their ship for a successful voyage.  Students worked together in teams, engaging in discussions that led to varying opinions and ideas.  Students had to work through these issues and compromise. In the end, the Heritage teams were able to “set sail” to 20 well designed and equipped vessels.  Thank you so much to the Kalmar association for the time and talents you shared with our students today.  Everyone had a great time and truly enjoyed this lesson.

5th Grade