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Third Graders are swimming!

Highlands’  Third Graders are swimming!


The third grade students at Highlands Elementary are participating the the YMCA of Delaware’s Water Wise program. This program has been designed to provide free swimming lessons and teach children about water safety. The students go to the Walnut St YMCA each week for 5 weeks.

The swimming lessons last one hour each week. Students learn the art of kicking, your feet need to stay below the water line in order to get the forward motion you need when swimming. Students are also instructed on how to hold their fingers while performing the different strokes. You fingers should be closed so they can push the water aside and this will help you more forward faster. If your fingers are wide open the water goes right through them and you won’t move.

Marcel Cooper says, “I like learning how to swim because when I go to camp I’ll be able to swim better.”

Qiyliir Miller says, “I like being able to swim by myself without a lifeguard and I like doing back flips in the water.”


The students have enjoyed using kickboards and noodles to safely learn how to move through the pool. One week they had to hold on to the side of the pool and keep kicking for 30 seconds. Another week they learned how to float on their backs across the pool.  All of these different activities are making the students stronger swimmers and improving their water safety. We are learning inside and outside the classroom.