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Veteran's Day Remembrance

This year Highlands elementary was proud to hold a Veterans Day celebration.  Under the direction of Ms. Kara Villanelli, the entire student body worked hard to present songs and poems to their special guests, our Veterans of the United States Armed Forces.  It was a wonderful day for all who participated. Students not only learned about the importance of remembering and serving our heroes in the armed forces but also the freedoms we have that may be taken for granted each day.


Some classes created create special poems that were read during the ceremony.

Class created poems:

Ms. Stauder

Thank you for risking your lives for us.

Thank you for supporting us and serving for our freedoms.

I can go to school and one day vote,

I can go to the zoo,

Or all the way to Timbuktu!

I can celebrate birthdays, Labor day, Thanksgiving and Christmas too!

But Veterans, on this day we celebrate you!


Ms. Harrison

Dear Veterans,

Because of you I’m free to worship how I choose.

Your service has saved lives of people past, present and future.

In America you help keep us free.

Your service helped keep away many bad things.

You are good people and we salute you!


Veterans Recognized:

Mr. Casler Army, Marines

Mr. Erwin Church, Army

Mrs. Finney, Air Force

Mr. Gilbert Goldsborough, Army

Mr. Anthony Stevens, Army

Mr. Sebastian Stevens, Army

Ms. Wilson, Army

Mr. David Foulkes, United States Army Ranger

Mr. Kyle Frazier, Army

Mr. Reuben Henry Jr., Air Force

Mr. David Lane, Army Reserves