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Why LHE?

From Mr. and Mrs. Siegel (who have a First Grader):

My wife and I value education just about above all else.  So we took the decision of where to send our daughter, Sophie, to school very seriously.  We had several compelling options, including sending her to a local charter school with a wonderful reputation, private options, or sending her to her feeder school.  We were looking for a school with a strong academic focus, of course, but we also wanted a school that kept learning fun and would help her develop as a whole person -- social skills, healthy coping, and building self-confidence.  Finally, my wife and I appreciate that our world is becoming ever more interconnected, so for our daughter to succeed as an adult she will need to be comfortable and skilled interacting with people from all walks of life.  

The truth is we feel Sophie would have done well at any of the schools we were considering.  That being said we both felt quite strongly that Linden Hill Elementary would be the best fit for her.  The teachers at Linden Hill are committed, energetic, and experienced.  Nowadays it seems we put too much more emphasis on the new teacher, fresh out of school, full of enthusiasm.  But great teachers are ones with a wealth of training and hands-on experience who maintain their zest for teaching over time because they love what they do and are good at it.  To date, we have been delighted by the quality of instruction Sophie is receiving from her primary teacher, Mrs. Bryant.  In addition to the academics, Linden Hill has embarked on the "Leader in Me" program, which teaches healthy coping and leadership skills based on Dr. Stephen Covey's work (e.g., "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People").  Sophie has already shown benefits from this focus: just the other day, she talked to me about how it was important to come to a "good decision" when confronted with a difficult problem.  And finally, but no less important, we are proud of the fact that Sophie's classmates are truly representative of the community -- and the larger world -- we live in.  

We would also like to add one more very important point.  From the beginning, we were truly blown away by the responsiveness of upper administration at Linden Hill. Mr. Glennon and Dr. Mathis are both very friendly, quite accessible, quick to respond to our questions or concerns, and take an active interest in the well-being of our daughter.  In fact, Sophie comes home saddened if a day passes by when she didn't get to say "hi" to them.


From Mrs. Gregor (who has a 2nd grader and LHE Graduate):

Reasons why she loves LHE:

The younger but experienced staff that was ready to take on the challenge of One-to-One technology even before it was ever rolled out. 

The staff care for each student, not only in academics, but in all aspects of the child's life.

The Innovative programs such as “The Leader in Me”, which sets LHE apart from every other elementary school in the district, and almost the state.  It teaches students to take pride in themselves ( as well as others) and be the best person they can be despite challenges they may face along the way.

The exceptional parental involvement which adds value to my child’s education by providing many diverse social opportunities outside of academics.