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Mind Over Matter Meets Marbrook

Marbrook’s PST team was awarded a strategic grant to fund a new intervention program called Mind Over Matter.  Mind Over Matter is an 8 week program designed to strengthen the social and emotional well-being of student participants through mindfulness practices. Each week students meet in a small group with a licensed mindfulness instructor for 30 minutes.  In addition, they receive additional support from an appointed Marbrook staff member who meets with the group throughout the week.    Each week, students engage in activities that will strengthen their focus and concentration; reduce their levels of stress and anxiety; and improve their impulse control as well as their empathy.  The Mind Over Matter program will be offered to students until spring break.  Ms. Linda Ronergan, the mindfulness instructor, reported that in a matter of weeks, she has observed  “The kids are doing very well! They are practicing and using the new skills to help them in difficult situations. For example, they are reporting the ability to calm themselves down and in the case of the 4th grade boy, think clearer. I see a change in the group; they are more engaged, asking great questions, and getting settled more quickly. Helpful change, even if small, is a positive step. The repeated exposure to the lessons has been very helpful for them.  I am hopeful you/your staff are seeing some positive changes in school with the kids.”