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Hispanic Hertiage Month at Mote

At Mote Elementary, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate, embrace, and share the contributions and influences of people who identify with the Hispanic and Latino culture. 

This is accomplished through read alouds, research projects, and performances.

Student's literature appreciation is increased with read alouds written about the Hispanic and Latino culture or by Hispanic and Latino authors and illustrators.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth grade students are completing research about an influential person of their choice. Then students are creating invitations using formatting tools and the google suite to honor their chosen subjects.

To wrap up Hispanic Heritage Month all of the students at Mote will attend a Virtual Assembly provided by Mexico Beyond Mariachi. The program, Journey Through Mexico, expands students’ perceptions of Mexico through the artists’ use of pre-colonial instruments and traditional interpretations of music and dance. Students learn how native cultures and Spanish culture combined to create a unique Mexican culture of music, dance, and costuming. Students come away with a fresh and authentic perspective of Mexican culture.