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Mindfulness at NSE

Mindfulness encompasses an integral part of the culture at North Star Elementary School. Students are taught to self-evaluate, sympathize, and empathize. Second Step, a social and emotional learning program, instills empathy, kindness, and self-evaluation of feelings. Strategies for handling feelings and conflicts are modeled and practiced. Our Multi-tiered Support System (MTSS) cohort has clarified behaviors and expectations for every location of our campus. As a school, we are literally all on the same page as we review and practice these behaviors throughout the school year as one cohesive group. Our mindfulness leader works with both our staff and our students practicing meditation and thoughtful exercises for the mind. Most recently, our students participated in a mindfulness assembly where they focused on mindful listening and sang songs that further bonded our school community. Through these activities and many, many individual classroom activities, our school community has embraced respect, kindness, and mindfulness as a way of life!