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January message from Mrs. Thomas

Hello, North Star families,

I hope everyone has been keeping warm these past few frigid days!  Hard to believe the forecast for Thursday is looking at mid-50s after such a snowy, icy weekend!

A few reminders and requests to share:

1.  School begins at 8:35am.  Staff remain outside, greeting bus and car riders until 8:45.  Morning announcements begin at 8:50.  If your child arrives to school and you notice the main doors to the building have already been closed, please park and escort your child into the office.  Students are not able to buzz and sign themselves into school.  Thank you for your cooperation.


2.  Unfortunately, 2017 has come with a fair share of illnesses for students and staff, alike.  Please help us prevent the spread of germs and protect a healthy learning environment for everyone by remembering 24-hour rule-of-thumb. 

For children with acute gastroenteritis (ie: the stomach bug), they must be symptom free for 24 hours and resume a normal diet without recurrence of symptoms before he/she may return to school.

For children with conjunctivitis (ie: pink eye), their symptoms must be resolved or be under treatment for 24 hours before he/she may return to school.

For children with fever (ie: greater than 100 degrees), they must maintain a temperature within normal range (ie: less than 100 degrees) for 24 hours without taking Tylenol or Advil before he/she may return to school.

As much as we appreciate the dedication of our students to be present and maintain a strong attendance record, we do need all families to respect these district guidelines.


3.  An update to our "just-for-fun" dress-up days... Sports Day will be celebrated on Friday, January 20th.  Students and staff are invited to wear their favorite jerseys, sweatshirts, uniforms, and sports gear to school.  (Note: "Fancy Friday" has been pushed to March... more details to come!)


Thanks, everyone!


To all who made resolutions for the New Year, I hope we've all been successful in keeping to our goals for 10 straight days.  Only 355 days to go!


Principal, North Star Elementary