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Resources for Parents during EYP Closure

Hey EYP families!  We miss you!  Here are some ideas for activities while we are all home.  We'll be adding more activities, so check back to find new ideas to try at home.  Wishing you well!


Activity Packets!

Our teachers are sharing activities with their classes, but if you are looking for more activities to try at home, check out these fun ideas to try using materials you have in and around your home.  We'll post a new one each week!


Check out our Facebook Page for videos and ideas (more added daily):

EYP Facebook page

Instagram:  rcearlyyearsprogram


Resources to help talk with your child about the Corona Virus


Conscious Discipline

Check out this letter from Conscious Discipline creator Becky Bailey that has helpful tips for helping your child feel safe in this time of uncertainty.  There are also links to free materials on the Conscious Discipline website.  Create a FREE personal account to gain access to the materials, many of which we also use in our classrooms at EYP! 

I Love You Rituals are a wonderful way to spend a few minutes connecting with your child.  We are just learning these in our Early Years classrooms, so many be new to your child, but now is the perfect time to learn!  Here are some YouTube links to learn some of our favorite I Love You Rituals:

Here are YouTube links to some of our favorite Conscious Discipline songs:

Practice acts of kindness each day with this calendar from Conscious Discipline.

Need to practice your breathing?  Here are our Conscious Discipline breathing pictures (and directions of how to do each type of breath) in English and Spanish.


Mindfulness with Children

  • Monster Meditation - In this video Cookie Monster is making some cookies, but has to wait while they cook.  As you may know, it is hard for Cookie Monster to wait for cookies.  Luckily, his friend Andy (from HeadSpace) is there to help Cookie play a game that will keep him busy while the time passes.

Helpful Websites

  • PBS for Parents 
    • This page provides multiple ideas for apps, games, crafts, and activites. Simply enter the age of your child and the topic that you want to explore
  • Free stories on Audible (
    • Audible has a collection of stories available for free streaming as long as schools are closed.  Enjoy listening to a great book!
  • This is more of a fun activity, a “virtual field trip”, we have been looking forward to each day! Every day at 3:00 the Cincinnati Zoo does a facebook live featuring an animal at their zoo. Monday was their hippos, Tuesday was a porcupine...what will today be? 
  • No venturing out?  Try a virtual rides at Walt Disney World!
  • is offering a free trial of lessons thanks to UNICEF. 
    Go to abcmouse and enter the code AOFLUNICEF to try it out!



Apps to Enjoy

  • "My PlayHome" is an app that is currently FREE.  Many of our SLPs use this app for encouraging language while the child explores the home.  As always, it's great to use apps together! 


Other Activities to Enjoy

Science/Enjoyment of Nature

Movement Activities:

  • Activities for Healthy Kids
    • This page has a variety of healthy activities to try.
  • Indoor Gross Motor Activities
    • Lots of activities that can be done with materials you may have at home.  No bean bags?  Use rolled socks!  They work just as well.
  • Work on upperbody and core strength!  Wheelbarrow walk your child around the house.  Can he make it from the bedroom to the bathroom to brush her teeth?  Can she go from the family room to the kitchen?
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga
    • This page has mutiple themed yoga videos to keep children active 
  • Activities in Nature
    • This page has ideas of learning activities to do outside


Music Activities:

  • Makin Music posts music classes on Facebook.  Click here to see the videos posted.


Fine Motor Activities:

  • Crumple paper up into snowballs and have a snowball fight
  • Use scissors to cut plastic straws, coupons, junk mail, or playdough. 
  • Pre-Writing Activities
    • This page has ideas on how to work on pre-writing and fine motor skills at home
  • Learning for Kids - Sensory
    • This page provides multiple ideas for sensory activities
  • Playdoh Recipes
    • Multiple playdoh recipes that can be made with common household ingredients 


Language and Social Skills:


  • Following various directions with spatial concepts while doing chores or things around the house (e.g. Put the ball [in] the box / Put the blanket [on] the couch
  • Play headbands or eye spy for using descriptive language words
  • Board games: turn taking / requesting a turn / waiting for your turn
  • Speech Sound Posters


Can you think of words that go with your child's speech sound targets.  Practice saying words that go with it or practice the words on the posters here.  What words start or end with the sound your child is working on?  Draw a picture of all of the words you can come up with.
  • AAC Modeling Parent Handout
    • Check out this handout for tips on how to support communication at home for students who use a way other than talking to communicate

 Literacy Activities:

  • Write a journal.  Choose a specific picture (or draw one) to help your child expand the language she is using as she dictates to you.   Re-visit the journal and have your child re-tell what is happening in the picture.
  • Books: For online activities, google the name of a specific book your child enjoys.  There are often free activities and videos on YouTube of the story being read.
  • Brown Bear Story Visuals - here are some simple visuals to go along with the story "Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you See?". If you don't have th book at home, click here to view a read aloud.


Math Activities:

  • Look for patterns in your daily life.  Find or make patterns using toys or natural materials.  There are many types of patterns to try:
    • Motor:  jump, clap, jump, clap (AB pattern)
    • Color:  red, blue, blue, red, blue, blue (ABB pattern)
    • Object:  Lego, Lego, car, car, Lego, Lego, car, car (AABB pattern)
    • Object:  Stick, stone, leaf; stick, stone, leaf (ABC pattern)
    • Snack:  Make patterns with two different foods (pretzel, goldfish, pretzel, goldfish)
  • Count and create sets:
    • Have your child work on counting and creating sets of objects by helping them learn to take a certain number of pieces when eating a snack. (ex. Take 5 goldfish)
  • Add math into your daily routines:
    • During mealtime have your child help with counting and measuring ingredients.  Children can count plates, cups, and utensils.
    • While getting reading for the day, help your child count to 20 while washing their hands, describe colors and shapes that are on their clothing, and count articles of clothing.
  • Busy Toddler - Simple Sorting Activities
    • This page has some fun ideas on sorting activities you can do at home

Visuals for Communication