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PATHS Model School

PATHS Education Worldwide social/emotional curriculum has paved the way at Shortlidge Academy since 2016.  For two years, the school has made phenomenal strides by creating a culture geared with the language, style and behavior that embodies everything about PATHS.  Proven success measured by the faculty, staff and students has demonstrated the hard work and dedication of Shortlidge Academy becoming one of the model schools.

PATHS is a human connection that integrates practices and values into everyday actions that nurture reflection, awareness and caring expectations.  This evidence based, school-based program is a space that most of our highest needs schoolsfind themselves in before learning can take place in the classroom.  In recent studies of brain science, structural practices of social/emotional learning essentially should take place over time. It has been discovered that responsive stable relationships are the core to brain development and the impact of trauma on children has been a major barrier in building trusting relationship for years. Making kids feel safe, secure, strong and successful is the core to brain development and families should be part of process. With this key ingredient, students will be extraordinary people who are not only resilient, but have the capability of living a productive life.  

WEEK OF 1/29/2019


KN - Kindergarten will review the for basic feelings: HAPPY, SAD, ANGRY and SCARED.  They will discuss that all emotions are OK.

Grade 1 - First grade is practicing self-control by using the control signals poster.

Stop- Take a deep breath, say the problem and how you feel

Make a Plan- Think, what could I do? Think, would it work?

Go- Try your best idea. How did it work?

Grade 2- Second graders will continue to use the Control Signals Poster to solve problems and remembering to use the fair play rules.