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Stanton’s first Virtual-Read-A-Thon

Stanton’s first Virtual-Read-A-Thon

Stanton Students, participate in Stanton’s first ever Virtual Read-A-Thon using the web tool Flipgrid.

Flipgrid will allow you to record a short video (it must be under 10 minutes in length) of you sharing a reading from a book or just talking about what you have been reading and why reading is important to you.

How does it work?

Log onto the flipgrid link: and click Log In with google and enter your email. Then scroll down to click on the giant green plus symbol and follow the prompts to record your video. It will then be added to our Flipgrid once appproved.

You can view our Virtual Read-a-Thon without logging in at this link: to view stories. Can’t wait to see your video!