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Choice Buddies Help Students

Help is available for fifth grade Title 1 students who are interested in attending Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Conrad Schools of Science or Dickinson Middle Years Program. Students can receive help from a Choice Buddy, a Red Clay school counselor or related arts teacher who has been specially trained to provide assistance to students and help them navigate the choice process.

Red Clay counselors work with art, music, physical education and ELA teachers to identify fifth grade students who would benefit from extra support. The counselors arrange for transportation to Choice Open Houses and auditions. They assist families in filling out the necessary applications. Related arts teachers help prepare students for auditions, interviews and with portfolios.

The Choice Buddies program was started in October 2012 to support Title 1 fifth grade students who had an interest in science/math or the arts. Each year, packets in English and Spanish are mailed to all fifth grade families highlighting the program and reminding them of the school choice opportunity.

Many Title 1 schools plan a family event to help parents complete choice applications. This year bus passes will be provided for individual families to evening Choice Nights. Fifth grade students who are applying to Cab Calloway from Title 1 schools will be transported free of charge on January 15th(Highlands, Lewis, Warner, Marbrook) and January 16th(Baltz, Mote, Richey, Richardson Park) for auditions/assessments.

The Choice Buddies program has made a difference in helping Title 1 students successfully complete the application process. The program has ensured that Red Clay elementary school staff are familiar with the process and ready to help students complete the application process. In the past few years Title 1 schools’ percentage of application has nearly equaled that of non-Title 1 schools.

Red Clay is committed to helping students explore opportunities for a successful future and the Choice Buddies program is helping fifth grade Title 1 students take the next step in pursuing their interests and finding the school that is the best fit for their needs. "Equity and access is important for all Red Clay Schools and the Choice Buddies program is a good example of how we put our beliefs into action," said Dr. Judith Conway, Red Clay Unified Arts Supervisor.


November 7, 2108