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National French Week

Thomas McKean High School got a jump on National French Week this year. National French Week, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF), is held from November 1 – November 7 around the nation. It’s an annual celebration of “all things French.” (more information at AATF’s website,

Due to the school’s calendar, French teacher Madame Connie Regan opted to celebrate early, beginning with a live concert by French singer/songwriter Eric Vincent on October 24th and continuing through the following week. Madame Regan’s upper-level students led many of McKean’s French Week activities.

Angi Sandoval, Adriana Moreta, D’Shaun Elliott, and Kierney Goodchild researched and made morning announcements including French trivia and words or expressions of the day, as well as a daily “French or not?” contest that asked students to identify which of three words were NOT French. Students throughout the school responded via a Google Survey and those with correct answers were awarded a small prize.

Nestor Corona and Samantha Baker researched the French ball-throwing game pétanque in anticipation of a student game after school on Monday. Maya Singletary and Frida Barriga-Tovar researched French pastry and cuisine, and on Tuesday, students had a hands-on lesson in making choux pastry, the key ingredient in cream puffs and éclairs, with Chef Jules Rosato.

On Wednesday, Allie Hopson, Nate Romanic, and Ellie Vedolla hosted a French music radio show on WMHS with the assistance of Mr. Gregory Boulden. Adriel Raman and Danny Sandoval researched French films, including the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and on Thursday, students were invited to stay after school and enjoy the film Ratatouille, which is set in Paris.

Friday was the final announcement and wrap-up of the week, and students and teachers from around the school reported an increased enthusiasm for French culture. “I was so pleased with the work my students did to create this event,” said Madame Regan. “It was really wonderful to see students come out whom I’d never met before. I hope that events like these will help to foster an enthusiasm for learning and all languages.”

French Week isn’t the end of appreciation of French culture at McKean, however – tradition holds that upper-level students enjoy a meal of fondue at the Melting Pot each spring, so the Highlanders have still more fun to look forward to!