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Career Day at H.B. du Pont

Eighth-grade students at H.B. du Pont Middle School spent the morning of April 18, 2019 listening to members of the community present information about careers. The students attended five career based sessions, four of which they chose and one given by a representative from the Department of Labor providing information about labor laws and summer jobs.

The goal of career day was to bring awareness of future job opportunities. Sue Hogan, eighth-grade guidance counselor and coordinator of Career Day said, “The students have access to job information they can’t get online and are exposed to careers they haven’t thought about or heard of.”

Professions that were represented included chef, baker, lawyer, police officer, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) professional, engineer, cosmetologist, nurse and dentist. In addition, there was an artist, architect and IT (informational technology) professional. Wellness coach and professional boxer Henry Milligan, a graduate of H.B. entertained the students and veterinarian Lisa Walters brought her talking parrot to keep students engaged.

Exposure to careers in middle school helps students learn about different professions and gain an understanding of what real-world work is like. The eighth graders at H.B. were eager to get a look into the world of work to see where their interests might lead.