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Richey Staff Spruces Up School

At Richey Elementary School, the new school year is off to an extra sparkling start thanks to a dedicated group of staff members known as the Richey Beautification Team.

Last summer they came together to give the school a facelift and this summer the work continued. In a matter of weeks, they spruced up the school building with a new exit wall that celebrates student diversity and a mural in the front lobby that complements the school's recently refurbished cafeteria. It features positive affirmations and, of course, Richey Rabbit.

The team's work continued with fresh paint throughout the building, a new Richey banner outside, freshly dug flower beds ready for spring plantings and flower pots flanking the front door to greet families.

Well done, everyone!


Colorful classroom  


Hallway mural with Richey Rabbit


Welcome to Richey Elementary banner


Bienvenidos a Richey Elementary banner


Members of Richey Beautification Team